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MS Nutrition Science, RD

Co-founder of WB Collective, Director of The Self-healer Institute and a professional Medical Astrologer, esoteric herbalist, as well as clinically-trained nutritionist.
As someone who overcame decades of mystery illness, herself, she has turned her weakness into strength by Mentoring other healthcare professionals on their Self-Healing Journey through both evidence-based and intuitive sciences. ⠀


MS Neuroscience

Co-founder of the WB Collective and COO of the Health Optimisation Summit, Dasha has a background in economics, decision science, and neuroscience.

She believes that we are each responsible for attaining the knowledge about our mind, bodies, and environment and how that impacts our health. For it is that knowledge that allow us to understand the potential options available to us and by having options, we ultimately get to take control back.


MS Public Health, PhDc Mind Body Medicine

Co-founder of the WB Collective, host of the BioCurious podcast, heath scientist at CDC, researcher, professional biohacker, nationally ranked athlete, Doctoral student of integrative mind-body medicine.
Kayla lives to share her knowledge and passion for holistic wellness and biohacking! Her goal is to empower women to take responsibility and ownership of their health, wellness and life - to harness their innate feminine power and reach their full potential! 


MS Biotechnology

Co-founder of the WB Collective and a biotechnology expert with a background in genetics.
With a long-time interest in the applications of technology to improving human biology, Oksana is passionate about integrative health and optimizing mental and physical performance. She believes that the future of healthcare lies in disease prevention and delaying the aging process, ultimately extending health-span and lifespan.